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Medgar and Angela Scott Community Life Center

The Medgar and Angela Scott Foundation is composed of four areas with the Medgar & Angela Scott Community Life Center comprising 80% of the organization,

I DO Marriage - 10%, Scholarships - 5%, and WIN - Inspiring Women to Excel in Christ - 5%.

programs & services

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Provide support services and resources that contribute to improved educational outcomes; improved school readiness for K-12 students; work with parents to improve educational and behavioral outcomes of students.

Career Readiness

Provide services and resources to improve employability and lead to increased understanding of career development and successful employment; and providing training to prepare for interviews, networking, business planning, and entrepreneurship.


  • ​Job Training 

  • Interview Skills

  • Resume Writing

  • Career Planning

  • Entrepreneurship Planning

Man at his Desk
Credit Assessment

Financial Education

Provide support and facilitate access to services and resources that contribute to the improved economic well-being and security of economically disadvantaged people and families; improve access to services that enhance financial literacy and navigate strategies to budget, save, and plan for the future.

  • Financial Literacy 

  • Wills and Estate Planning

  • Housing Resources

  • Insurance and Investing

Health & Wellness

Provide support and services to increase overall health education and knowledge; increase physical activity and improve nutrition with the purpose of reducing obesity and diseases; and increase mental health awareness and access.

  • Disease Management

  • Health Education

  • Physical Education & Boot Camps

  • Mental Health Knowledge

Yoga Session

Supportive Services

Provide support and services to increase overall well-being for individuals and families regarding food, clothing, shelter, and family/relationship dynamics.

  • New Clothing Bank

  • Food Pantry

  • Marriage & Family Focus

  • Hardship Grants

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